What is a digital story?

A digital story usually pertains to a moment or event that shaped or changed your life. It is told through the “I” narrative and is a story that contains an emotional element. The emotion reveals the moment of powerful change and connects your story with a broad audience.

Refer to the Center for Digital Storytelling for examples of Digital Stories.
Center For Digital Storytelling

A Digital Story is something that the author, you, is close to. It is a first hand account of an experience, your experience. Tell your audience about a moment that brought you into awareness of your Post-Obama America. Change has come to America with the election of President Obama but how has this had an effect on you? What is your moment?  Where were you? Who were you with? How did it feel? Describe the emotion. What do you see when you visualize your moment? What do you hear? What was the weather like? The smell in the air? That is the moment I want you to tell your audience. That moment is your Digital Story.

There are seven steps created by Joe Lambert, co-founder of the Center for Digital Storytelling dealing with content as well as technical aspects of your digital story.

  • Owning Your Insights: What’s your story about? Who is your story directed at? How will you tell it?
  • Owning Your Emotions: What kind of emotions do you feel when thinking about your story and how can you best relay them to your audience? The emotional content is what will guide your story and attract your audience.
  • Finding The Moment: What moment affected you the most? What did that moment feel like? Who were you with? What was the weather like? Give details on the specific moment to help your audience connect to your story.
  • Seeing Your Story: What visuals do you see when reliving this story? What visuals will best relate your experience to others?
  • Hearing Your Story: What do you hear when reliving this story? What types of music or sound effects will best relate your experience to others?
  • Assembling Your Story: How will you piece together your story to best articulate your message? Will the moment of change be revealed at very end or perhaps you may want to begin with the moment of change?
  • Sharing Your Story: Where will your digital story live?